Give cheerfully and accept gratefully..... 

Individually, we are one drop….

Together, we are an Ocean!

About Us

“Act of Sharing” works with displaced and disadvantaged children, youth, adults and the aged to support physically and mentally challenged well-being through some of the basic necessities of life.

“Act of Sharing” is established to bring people together in sharing their love for the community and do as much as we can, to establish opportunities for those physically and mentally challenged that has led them to being less privileged. The need to be a helping hand and ensure we step forward in approaching and meeting the needs of these individuals that pass by as being ‘invisibles’ is our mission.

We aim to provide help with the basic needs of an increasingly large part of society, both locally and internationally by providing each registered member in need of the aid, with a set amount of funds each month; which might help them with  food, clothing, education, health care, vision care, dental care, or a simple ear to listen.

“Act of Sharing” has two main programs….

·         To sponsor a child

·         To sponsor an aged parent/s

Although the above are our focus, we do try our very best to accommodate other needs on a case by case basis.

Mission, Vission & Goals


Our mission is to spread hope and empowerment to the physically challenged children and senior citizens while making them feel loved and cared for by encouraging them into exploring their strengths and together make their creative ideas come to life.


A world filled with opportunities for the physically challenged children and getting rid of isolation and loneliness in the lives of our senior citizens.


    • To instill hope and optimism in the lives of physically challenged children women and our senior citizens
    • To expand and extend our support to supporting single Mums and Dads by running programs and helping them start over.
    • To provide women and their children with a range of financial and educational opportunities
    • To build meaningful relationships and partnerships with small businesses and community.
    • To deliver programs and create opportunities that promote women’s economic empowerment

Who we are….

“Act of Sharing” is a division of Holy Trinity Foundation – ABN: 18113164692 (website coming soon) based in Sydney with our work spread out globally.

How was “Act of Sharing” started” 

It was started by a work from home Mum who is a dressmaker working around her children and balancing life and work. What started as a token of sharing and as a thanksgiving in life for all the bleesings of each day, by sharing a small percentage of each and every income she earned to donate to anyone that was in need locally and overseas, turned out to grow as the word spread. Trying her best to help the members who approached her in need of aid, she started increasing her ways of genenrating income. 

She believes in ” THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GET” and the only thing the founder expects to get from this work is, prayers, blessings and share the love of giving. 

Accept the help “Act of Sharing” can offer and oneday when life gives you in abundance, simply “Pay it Forward” by helping others. Your Blessings can never be counted by these little deeds as you will be lost in them as they will be in plentiful and uncountable. 

Please note……

“Act of Sharing” is NOT associated with any other charity organisation and are not do not receive funding of any kind other than the support of our Sponsors in the Sponsors page. Our sister-website (coming soon) is “Belle Angel Gowns” which is another volunteer work by our founder. 

Our Logo

Act of Sharing logo features a distinctive image of a drop of water forming an ocean sealed with compassion within that circle. An Ocean being filled by every drop. Water symbolizes flowing, our logo depicts it as the flow of pure love and compassion for what we do. The circle in particular represents love and compassion within our organization, and is depicted fully as sealing it all in; by collecting every drop which represents our donors, sponsors and volunteers together forming our organization which is represented as a whole by the ocean.

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Please help us increase our counters. If unable to help out monetarily by donating, sponsoring or making a purchase from one of our supporting businesses, Kindly spread the word by spreading the word in sharing our link within your social network. It surely means the world not just us but also to all the lovely members we support.

Giving cheerfully

accepting gratefully

Our supporters
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