Get involved!

Give cheerfully and accept gratefully.....

At Act of Sharing, we cannot achieve our objectives without our team of volunteers. Whether it’s fundraising, volunteering, or simply through raising awareness, there’s a role for you. Our regular get togethers provide you with the right networks to help build new fundraising ideas.

We are looking for volunteers worldwide contact us to “Get involved”.

Ways to get involved

Workplace giving

Talk to your employer about workplace giving to provide an opportunity for employees to donate a small amount of money each month to support us. So have a chat with your Human Resource department and talk to your company about the corporate social responsibility. Where better to put the least amount at $2 each month? It all adds up and we make use of every cent.

Acts of Kindness 

We are developing several methods of support and assistance available to anyone wanting to perform an Act of Sharing for someone in their local community. We will have these details updated very soon.


We offer several ways of donating funds to our organization for those who are willing and able to contribute. As always, we thank you for your support. Head over to our Donate page to find the options available.


We get requests from our supporters asking for fundraising opportunities on our behalf. Since our supporters are such an integral part of our organization, we are developing a Volunteer Fundraiser Agreement to help facilitate this. Head over to our Fundraise page to explore and support.


From completing various acts of kindness to working as part of our all-volunteer Administration Team, we have many volunteer opportunities for those wishing to help our organization.

Join the Mailing List 

Get information about upcoming events, ways to get involved, and explore the work Act of Sharing is doing as a member of our mailing list.

Social Media Sharing

Spread the awareness of “Act od Sharing” and what we do to your network!

Simply “Share” by clicking on the image that leads to our Facebook page or promote us on Instagram by using “Share this profile” or tagging @actofsharing (don’t forget to #actofsharing)

Feel free to use this, if you want to attach a short bio…

Act of Sharing is a not-for-profit organization that provides support to the physically challenged children and senior citizens. Providing them with the support they need for their basic living requirements as in food, clothing, shelter, social support, living assistance for the aged who live by themselves with no support, training and support programs for single Mums and Dads with new skills to help them start over, and heaps more.

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