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Ways to make a donation

Donations can be made in either as “One-off donations” or as “Regular donations”. To make a One-off donation, you can do so by heading over to the Fundraising page or hit the “Donate” button below the One-off donations and pick a donation that you would be interested in.

One-off donations

Donations collected is distributed across to each needy member registered within our organization and provided as a regular monthly monetary aid. Although our focus is towards physically challenged children and aged senior citizens, we do also work with members from other walks of life.

One-off donations can be made either but directly donating your own desired amount or by selecting one of the options that can be found when you hit the Donate button.

You can also donate by shopping from one of our Partners online stores that contribute a percentage of each sale as a donation.

One-off donations

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Regular donations

When you chose our “regular donations” these will be a regular monthly donation of a set amount. By setting up a regular donation, you can choose to either ‘Sponsor a Child’ or ‘Sponsor a Parent’.

Sponsor a Child

We aim to support the physically challenged children as our priority. Once a sponsor registers as a regular donor, we link the sponsor to one of our children from the wait list. We find sponsor parents for each individual child. The child will have the same sponsor parents for his / her entire schooling age unless the sponsor parents cease the sponsorship due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, we find the child a new sponsor. Until we find a new sponsor, we use the funds we raise either from our one-off donations or we run a Fundraising campaign to support the child until a new sponsor is found.

The monthly donations made each month for each individual child will be used to support the child’s basic needs in life as food, clothing, and education.

Sponsor a Parent/s

Each day in our lives we hear of several aged parents who either have no children or lost their children at a young age. As our seniors age, they feel the loneliness and pain of not having children and grandchildren visit them. Some of them even start to isolate themselves from the world feeling helpless. We find sponsor children (adult working members) for each individual aged parent. A small donation can keep them going. Our main aim of this “Sponsor a Parent/s” is not only to raise funds to support them but also to give these aged parents a social come back. As part of our service, we will make sure these parents receive a phone call from our volunteers to make them feel loved, wanted and the feeling of having someone care about them.

Other ways to donate….


Most of our donations come from the generosity of Small Business Owners.

By shopping from our Sponsors stores you are automatically donating to our organization. Our Sponsors donate between 5% to 10% of each sale from their stores to our organization. We would be very grateful if you can shop from our Sponsors and also share their stores with your loved ones.

To donate in this way, simply head over to our “Sponsors” page, explore and shop.

Our little Shop

Another way to donate is to head over to our little Shop, browse through our collection of products and shop.

This little shop not only keeps Act of Sharing up and running but also the funds we generate from this shop we use to fall back on in cases of emergencies within the organization as in a new or existing member in a desperate or unexpected circumstance.

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